In 1986 world-renowned violinist Linda Rosenthal had a dream to share the music she loves with her community. The combination of a beautiful natural setting with the community’s love and support for music, make Juneau the perfect place for a spectacular celebration of world-class jazz and classical music. In May of 1987, Ms. Rosenthal along with Jazz Coordinator and fellow-founder Bob Banghart and a hard-working group of local musicians, community leaders and loyal supporters of the arts, launched the 1st annual Juneau Jazz & Classics. The Festival has evolved and expanded each year, touching so many lives with an appreciation and love for classical, jazz and blues music.

Each year JJ&C continues to provide high quality performances, educational concerts, instructional workshops and outreach programs that benefit people of all ages, capabilities and economic backgrounds. JJ&C is excited to bring the worlds of jazz, classical and blues to our Juneau community with live performances and interaction with great artists.

Vision Statement

Juneau Jazz & Classics, Inc. believes that music allows us to celebrate and preserve our cultural heritages, and also to explore the realms of expression and imagination, resulting in new knowledge and appreciation of music. Therefore, every individual should have the opportunity to learn music and to share in musical experiences.

Mission Statement

Juneau Jazz & Classics is an annual festival whose mission is to provide a variety of rich musical experiences and instructional seminars at different venues in Juneau and remote towns in Southeast Alaska. The festival is designed to offer the highest quality music performances and instruction opportunities to inspire, enrich and educate persons of all ages and economic backgrounds. The festival features a diversity of styles within jazz, classical and blues genres, introducing these styles to a new generation while appealing to music lovers and attracting visitors to our community.