SAVE THE DATES!      34th ANNUAL FESTIVAL  May 1-9 2020

That is where YOU come in.

We need your help to finish 2019 on a high note! Last festival was thrilling musically, but world-class performances can be expensive. Rest assured, we have taken steps to ensure that a shortfall doesn’t happen in 2020. Instead of one long festival, next year we’ll have two shorter festivals – one nine-day festival in May and another, shorter festival in the fall. This new split format will help ensure you can get to all of our concerts.


With all that to look forward to, we’re hoping you can help us sprint across our fundraising finish line for 2019.


  • Your donation NOW will be matched by a generous donor who has volunteered funds for that purpose! If enough people contribute, we can close the books on 2019 and look forward to 2020, refreshed and recharged.

  • Your donation NOW will help set the stage for new JJ&C artistic director Zuill Bailey as he takes over from current artistic director Will Ransom.


We are offering some special incentives to donors who help us. This donation match means that your donation now will go TWICE as far, not only in cash value, but also in donor benefits you can enjoy, like these:


  • Membership in our new Director’s Circle, including invitations to special private events with our new artistic director Zuill Bailey, normally comes with a $1,000 contribution. During this campaign, you can donate $500 and the match will bring you to the $1,000 threshold for membership.

  • Similarly, a $125 donation will be matched to get you to the $250 level, which means a Presto Pass.


As we approach the end of the year, time is of the essence. The match will apply to the first $25,000 that we receive.

You can help ensure a successful end to 2019 by making a gift online now.



Thank you for your support. You can keep up with our matching campaign progress on Facebook and Instagram.



has been bringing world-class music to Juneau for 34 years and we plan to continue doing just that! We are so excited for what the future holds.



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